Sunday, 19 September 2010

Today I'm Wearing....

Hey guys :)

So, this is an introduction to a new regular feature on my blog called "Today I'm Wearing...".

This is my mini homage to's celebrity fashion blurb...but i thought i'd give it a beauty twist and make it a Nail Varnish feature to show you guys what varnishes im loving, testing, hating at the moment.

So...without further ado...

"Today I'm Wearing...."

Revlon's 030 Grey Suede Varnish

DSCF4245.jpg picture by terrieyonwin



DSCF4285.jpg picture by terrieyonwin


I absolutely LOVE this varnish.

I'm really into these murky neutrals at the moment and thought i'd try out this season's "Mannequin Nails" trend with Revlon's Grey Suede, and i really really liked the result.

We all know that a lot of neutral-toned nail lacquers can be a real pain in apply :)... but, this varnish went on smoothly and effortlessly...even when using the left hand!!

The colour is a soft beige/camel with a very soft golden pearl which gives a nice dimension to the varnish.

It's chic and flattering, and is a worthy substitute for the camel coat  in Topshop that i've been lusting after but can't quite justify buying just yet!

This varnish is around £7 in Boots and definitely gets the big thumbs up from me!

So...what are you wearing today??



  1. Very Pretty Colour :)
    I'm loving all the neutral nail colours at the moment.

    Great post love !

  2. thanks :)

    I've also just bought 2 chanel varnishes off ebay that are of the neutral family...magnolia rose and rose blossom... cant wait to get them!


  3. The colour looks terrible in the bottle but so pretty on your hands!

    I might just go back to neutrals for a while now.


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