Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Today I'm Wearing..../ Mini Chanel Haul

Ok, so any beauty junkie worth her salt knows about Chanel's Limited Edition Khaki Collection for Vogue's Fashion Night Out.

Chanel les Khakis

And she probably also knows that they are now impossible to get hold of...unless you want to pay through the nose on ebay for a piece of this khaki-coloured pie?

Now, I'm as guilty as the next addict for being suckered in by hype...YSL Faux Cils?...check...Dior Show?...check...Chanel Paradoxal...CHECK! My point is, i've been attracted to all these items because of the big buzz surrounding them and quite often found the hype to be overrated.

Utterly convinced that this next item is going to change my life, and muttering the mantra "It's an investment... It's defintely worth every penny...I'll use this like, EVERY DAY!!" I grab my next fix from the counter, march to the till and parade it and around in my little bag like i have a Wonka Bar with a Golden Ticket inside! This is the next big has to be good...everyone else says so.

Only, i get it home, try it out... and after one wear...i'm always left a little flat and disappointed that in fact, it hasn't changed my life, it probably wasn't worth the many many pounds paid... and I definitely wont use it everyday.

This, i fear, is the case of Chanel's Khaki collection.

I've seen the swatches, i've read the reviews and even trawled ebay in search of my next fix...Khaki Vert.

And then it hit me...I'm just about to pay a huge amount of money for GREEN nail varnish, that i'll probably only wear once, that i'm not that sure i absolutely 100% love, and to be honest ,will probably find a good dupe in Boots for a fraction of the price i was just convincing myself that i should pay.

So i supressed my inner "but i neeeeed it" voice...and thought that i would invest my money in a colour that i would love...and low and behold i found not one but two beautiful Chanel colours, Magnolia Rose and Rose Blossom, going for a really really cheap price on wanted them because the fash-pack all want Khaki! they are......

Chanel 453 Magnolia Rose
Natural Light


Chanel 145 Rose Blossom
With Flash On
Natural Light
2 Newbies with Chanel 509 Paradoxal
Now, i know that these colours are from a preivous collection, i know they're not in the centre of  some overrated PR hype, and i know they're not the colour ever beauty addict is clammering to get....but I love them!

Magnolia Rose is a beautiful, fresh pale-pink with an ever-so-subtle hint of silver sparkle. The texture is thick and luxurious....everything you'd expect from a Chanel varnish. 2 coats later and i'm really pleased with the result.

Rose Blossom is more of a classic pearlized-pink that also looks fabulous on my toes (i'm not going to show you them...i am an unfortunate sufferer of Shrek-Foot Syndrome). It has pink-silver shimmer running through it and it is very very grown-up sort of classy on the nail...again, something synonymous with the Chanel brand...could i have said the same of Khaki Vert had i "invested"?...perhaps not.

My favorite?? If i absolutely HAD to chose...I would go for Magnolia Rose, purely because i think the pale tone and subtle sparkle makes the nail look modern and chic.

I think this colour will work best when paired with an edgy outfit a.k.a drop-crotch, military boots, lots of layering and chic, crisp pink nails to keep my look on the girly side of contemporary grunge (that's just me though...if i wear a girly, pretty dress...a short black/brown nail is a must to keep a look form being too cliche or matchy-matchy).

Am i happy i chose these over Khaki Vert?

I'd be lying if i said i definitely wouldn't consider buying it...maybe once all the hype has calmed down and the prices normalize...then maybe, just maybe i'll reconsider...but for now i feel happy and smug that i've got these two beautiful colours, that really will match everything, and at a snip of the price i would have paid had the khaki controversy not have overshadowed these shades.

I definitely would reccommend :)


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  1. Oh I love Rose Blossom!! Looks totally gorgeous!


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